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TeamSpeak Server relocation
Hi! The TeamSpeak server ts1.macgamenet.com just moved to another physical server, due to capacity problems on the other machine. This isn't a big change for you, just that it no longer works to join the ts server usingthe address macgamenet.com. Please explicitly use ts1.macgamenet.com from now on. Have fun!
Nov 01, 2008  02:01am, by BTs_MrBombastic
TeamSpeak Server and Rules update
The MacGameNet TeamSpeak philosophy is to help Mac communities out with a TS2 server. As the MGN TS server #2 was only used by Windows users in the last couple of weeks, I see no further reason to include a second server in our service.
The following changes were recently made:
- The MGN TS server #2 is shut down for an indefinite time.
- Unregistered users are no longer able to create unregistered channels on TS server #1.
- The rules and the channel-request procedure are slightly updated.
All of these changes are made to improve the server utilisation - in the end the TS server does produce traffic - and I am not ready to pay for people that do not meet my philosophy. The free service will stay available for Mac/Linux users.
Dec 08, 2007  03:00am, by BTs_MrBombastic
TeamSpeak server #1 available again (for testing)
Hello everybody. The MGN TS server 1 is back again for testing. I'm afraid that not all problems on the main server have been solved yet, I'm still working on it. Meanwhile, I've started the TS server again and we'll see how it works and weather everything is fine. I will post further details here soon.
Dec 03, 2007  06:00am, by BTs_MrBombastic
TeamSpeak server problems continue
It seems that the MGN server is not performant enough anymore, to hold the main MGN ts server. I recommend that oyu use the MGN TS server 2 (unmanaged / no admins) until I've found a solution that is working for everyone. The address is ts2.macgamenet.com. I have added a status display of the server to the MGN page. As soon as I have news about the problem, I will post them here. Sorry all and I hope to relaunch this asap! bye
Dec 02, 2007  14:01pm, by BTs_MrBombastic
TeamSpeak server unavailable for one week
Unfortunately, the MGN TeamSpeak server 1 crashed the day my one-week-holiday started! Bad timing - I had no chance to solve the problem as I didn't have any internet connection available.
The MGN TS server 2 was running meanwhile...
Dec 02, 2007  10:02am, by BTs_MrBombastic
drAAT America's Army 2.5 Tracker Beta release !
Hi all, it has been some time now since I started with this project, and finaly after more than 6 months of work I can release the beta version, it was in alpha for a long time because not everything was working correctly yet and not all functions that I planned to make were finished, I also gave draat a better looking design then the previous, that only was ment for testing draat.
drAAT, darkravers America's Army Tracker, is a tracker for America's Army 2.5 that tracks all listed servers without any registration needed by the players, it also tracks advanced statistics such as Mapstatistics & Sessions.
drAAT is currently tracking over 12.000 players spread over ±30 servers.
You can visit drAAT Beta 1.10 here.
Thanks, DarkRaverNL
Dec 07, 2006  23:01pm, by DarkRaverNL
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